My Story

My name is Natalie Mangum Westwood. I am currently a 33 year old full time mother with three daughters ages 6, 4 and 0. My husband works in film and television, so we have moved a lot. 

I am a former makeup artist. No, I did not sell Mary Kay, Avon or Clinique. I was apart of or the head of makeup teams doing the makeup for Movies, Fashion Runway, and many, many Photo Shoots. I even did special FX makeup for a time. I have spent many years working in fashion with Producers, Models and Actresses.

I have been Crocheting since I was 7. When I was 9, I taught myself how to knit. When I was 11, I decided my dolls would look prettier in dresses I made for them, so I stole my sisters sewing machine and started making clothes out of what ever fabric I could get my hands on. As I grew out of my dolls, I continued to make things for my little sisters dolls.

The problem was that, as I entered my teen age years, I was told it was very uncool to sew. I felt like enough of a loser as it was, so I hid my light under a bushel and my creative qualities staid in the closet. I spent years of my life feeling some what ashamed of being creative.

When my husband and I moved to California a few years ago I met a group of women who empowered those qualities in each other. I learned from them the things that I hope to be able to pass on. Being creative is just as applicable now as it has ever been.

It is often thought that the need for creative sewing skills are obsolete and out dated. Because of the world we live in, there is no longer an application for Great Grandma’s quilting, knitting, crocheting or needle point expertise.

Due to this attitude, we live victim to the fashion world who seems to be intent on using less and less fabric to make dresses that cost more than my car payment. As Latter Day Saints we are often frustrated when we go shopping and find many items we like but none we can actually wear. I have decided it is time to strike a blow for freedom.

Fashion and feeling pretty are important parts of the life of any women. I love cute clothes and  fashion forward thinking. I don’t want to forgo a cute trend just because I can’t find it with a long enough hem line or a price tag that won’t drive me into debt.

We can take “Old Fashioned Skills” and apply them a little outside the box and in so doing give them renewed relevance. We can dress in the world of fashion and trends , but not of the world of fashion and trends. We can stretch a shopping budget a whole lot further than we thought we could. We can breath life and youth into clothes that seemed long past their prime. Most of all, we can go to our closet and get excited to wear what we have.

Join me on my journey. My hope is that this inspires you to fire up your creative Mojo and try a couple of things or learn an art form that you would not otherwise have thought of.

  “During our time here on earth, we have been charged to develop the natural gifts and capabilities Heavenly Father has blessed us with. . . . As we exercise and magnify these gifts, we will be able to accomplish the callings and responsibilities that will come into our lives.” 

Robert D. Hales 






5 Responses to My Story

  1. Lila Gordon says:

    Ok Natalie I am jealous. I am an avid crafter but my skills are nothing compared to yours. I miss you and the kids. If only we lived closer we could get together and sew. I have a little girl now who is 20 months. So I make lots of stuff for her. But I am gonna have to try your doll blanket and see if she likes it as much as her frozen blanket.

  2. Andrea Krause says:

    Natalie! I saw a link to your blog in the RS newsletter. I was thoroughly intriqued. When I looked it up, I was even more surprised to find out I know you! We were in the Goldenrod Ward with you when we were first married in 2005. We now have three boys (ages 3, 1, and 7 months). Your girls are beautiful and so are you. I hope to check back often and see if I can’t be a cute, fashionable mom of boys even on a tight budget. This is just awesome.

  3. Natalie Gardiner says:

    Hey Natalie! Vicky just sent me a link to this blog of yours! Can you please come and re-upholster my chair?! I saw the one you did and have one I need to do but am TERRIFIED of doing! I just did my curtains and that was a new triumph for me. Hope you are doing well! Cant wait to read more!

  4. Suzanne Tatro says:

    You also look very pretty in all of your pictures!

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