Before & After Gallary

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before and after garden                    


2 Responses to Before & After Gallary

  1. Suzanne says:

    These Before and Afters are amazing! You make it look so easy and rewarding. I wish you could come into my closet and help me revamp my look. Occasionally I have purchased pieces of clothing here or there that have inspired me to attempt a make-over on them. But after a few months hanging around mocking my ambition, they somehow find their way into my “some day I will get to it” sewing bin. You may one day hear a random ding-dong from your door bell and answer it to find a large container filled with potential projects on your door step, with a note that reads “Looking for a creative heart who cares”. Then I would get to see all of these lovely items go from rags to riches as they come to life on your blog………………..Sorry to get carried away in my day dreaming. Thank you for sharing your creations with all of us who want to try, but never do. Love you. – Suzanne

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