My New Closet

Been a while since I blogged. We have been busy moving. As home owners, we get to do all the house projects we have always dreamed of. 

My first project was for an insufficient closet. The closet is small with a slanted ceiling, but even the small space I have was not being utilized. There was just one kind of low hanging bar and shelf. 

Judging from the paint layers and the amount of dust behind, it was probably installed in 1977 when the house was built. 

After I pulled the bar and shelf out, I spacled any holes in the wall and let them dry. 

I usually get “are you lost, darlin’ ” type looks from other customers when I shop in the lumber section at a hardware store. But, until going in for shelf supplies no one had actually said that to me. 

I know the old gentleman was probably trying to help, but you can imagine the shocked look on his face when I told him I was buying lumber so that ‘I‘ could build a new shelf in my closet.  

He was even more surprised when I told him that, no my husband isn’t deployed or too busy. I just enjoy building things myself.

After painting it with accent walls , I put the original shelf back in, but a foot higher and added an old shelf from our last house(just just so happened to fit perfect). 

Then with the fresh lumber I had bought at Home Depot, I made customs shelves in the deaper section of the closet. 

And in that I can’t dress in the dark, I also mounted an IKEA light and ran the cord under the closet door and plugged in to an outlet just around the corner. 

I love my new closet. I still have more shoes to unpack, but there will be plenty of room for them. 

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