Thrift Store Halloween

So my daughter wanted to go as Zarina the Pirate Fairy this year. The problem was, of course, that the Pirate Fairy movie came out last year and so there were no pirate fairy costumes available this year.  

She already had the boots and the wings, but needed the dress. I was just not in the mood to start a project from scratch, so we hit up our local thrift store. Our thrift store gives 35% off military families every Wednesday, so I was sure to go on a Wednesday. 


I got a pretty green skirt, which apparently I forgot to get a full length picture of, with it’s original tags still on it. So, a $78.00 skirt for 12.99 plus discount.  
A white shirt for $3.99 plus discount. 

And a tank top/ bodice thingy for $5.99 plus discount. 

  First I took the white shirt and cut it in half, so that it came to about my daughter’s navel
Then I sewed a seam down the back to better fit her shoulders. 


Then I attached the shirt to the skirt. Then I got on a roll and forgot to take a photo of the next step, but I basically folded the skirt up on itself to creat kind of a bubble skirt effect. 

   Then I got to work on the botice. I cut the straps off, ran old bra wires(because I never throw clothing parts away) in them, so they stand up well and seed them back on at the front. 
Skirt              $12.00

Top                $3.99

Bodice          $5.99



Total.            $14.28 + about 2 hours of my time. 

I was rather rushed and it wasn’t really my best work, but she was extremely pleased with the results.   

  Here she is all ready to go to school. The costume theme at school was dress as a book character, so she posed with her book. 

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2 Responses to Thrift Store Halloween

  1. Carol says:

    Once again, all I can say is Wow!!!! Fab talent!!!

  2. Maggie says:

    Once again I am blown away. You make it look so effortless.

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