Man of Lions(My 2nd Quilt)

When our little boy was born, he arrived covered in fuzz and growling instead of crying. My husband started calling him a little Lion. And with that the list of potential baby names went out the window and he was named Leander(Lion Man). 

Also out the window went my plans of a Hungry Caterpillar quilt that I was going to make for him. He was clearly a Little Lion Man.  So, began the planning of a different project.  

I went online for inspiration.  I searched images for baby Lion clip art, coloring pages, quilts, cartoon drawing, appliqués, and room decor. But, I couldn’t find any One thing that I thought suited him. I did however find a lot of ideas. 


Here are Just a fiew. I liked the body stance of the first pictue and the face of the second picture, so I opened up both pictures in Photoshop and combined them and then created a mane that I felt suited him.  
I then added eye brows, whiskers, and tweaked the smile to give it more personality and added roughly the colors I wanted. 

The quilt I made for Lily took me almost two years, because I didn’t have a full plan set in stone and kept changing my mind. I bought a loooot of fabric that never got used and in the end her quilt was very expensive.  

 I was not going to do that with this one. This time I had the whole thing planned out, before I even went to the fabric store.  

I bought ALL the fabric and supplies on Labor-day weekend Sales with two different coupons allowing me to save more than I spent. 


I did my best to keep the fabric chosen in a basic harmony with his other bedding. I knew it was impossible to have it match perfectly, but I, at least, didn’t want it to clash entirely.  

 I pieced together my background. I had wanted more stripes than I got, but most of the stripes I found where going in the wrong direction.  In the end I was happy with the patterns I found.  
Next came one of my favorite steps, the appliqué.  I got more and more excited as it came together. The fabrics I was able to find came together so perfectly.  

I often get approach avoidance when starting a project and even though I bought all the supplies Labor-day weekend, I didn’t get started till the end of June. Not counting my planning/creation process, which I do on and off for months while on other projects, this whole quilt only took me 15 weeks. (89 weeks less than my last quilt)

I think the lesson learned is: better planning saves money and time. I will also say I could not have been more pleased with how it turned out. 

It wasn’t till I presented it too him today, that I realized that, because my babies Love to “help” so much, 95% of the work had been done during nap time and after bed time. As a result, he had never seen it before and it was a surprise.  He was very excited about the new blanket.  

So much so, that he would not let me take pictures. 

He sat and played with the face. And growled at it for a while. 

 He carried it around for a bit.  

And shared it with Daddy and Jones.  


For me the greatest success of a projects is marked by it’s use.  

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