I invented the Snuggle Tote!

My baby girl is a security blanket child, more so than I have ever seen. She wants to take her blankets with her everywhere.  The biggest problem we have is being on the go. Blankets get dirty and even left behind. 

I took about a week pondering on the engineering of this one. I wanted something that is multi-purposes. 


I started by getting a new Small Mooshka doll. My girls all love these kinds of dolls from a very young age. They are soft and my babies start talking to the faces as early as four months old. I think this is the sixth Mooshka doll to join the toy box. 


  I got some flannel and backed it with just regular cotton, cut it into an exact square, and stitched the two pieces together with a corner to corner X. 

 (Warning: when working with flannel, ALWAYS wash and run it through the dryer first. Flannel has a tendency to reshape itself after a few washes)

I used a bowl to round out the corners.   
And added another semi-quarter size piece at what I wanted as the top of the blanket. 

  As I started cutting into the little doll I realized that this is the 5th or 6th toy I have pulled to pieces for the purpose of re-functioning. 

Then came to my mind a scenario of the Toy Story  characters living in fear of the dreadful mother who kills toys and builds Frankincene’s Monster type hybrids out of the pieces.  

Anyway! While I had the doll open I put some beads in an old makeup case(air tight for when I drop it in the wash) and put it up in the dolls head to create a gentle sounding rattle.   

After sewing all the pieces together, which I can’t show much detail on because I forgot to take pictures, I crocheted a lace onto the edges. 

I added two buttons; one inside the pocket and the other on the exact other side…

   … and I added four button holes. This will allow for the multifunction I talked about at the beginning. 
I also put in a velcro strap that can be unhooked when needs be. This allows it to be worn as a purse and reduces the risk of it being set down and lost. 

Function 1

This of course allows my baby to lounge around and nap with her doll and blanket together. 

Function 2
For around the house I can take the three  corners and button them into the pocket. 


This makes it so she can walk around without the blanket dragging on the ground. This reduces need for washing and limits damage. 

Function 3

This function uses the button on the back and allows me to fold the doll up into a small tote for when we are out and about. 


This function was perfect this last weekend on my husband’s Unit Family day. She was able to walk around and climb on equipment without losing her precious security blanket and any time she felt she needed support, her doll was right there.  


My baby girl seems pretty happy with her Snuggle Tote.  Totally worth the effort!

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