My Cure. 

 I love doing my nails. Everyone has their  thing. That thing that relaxes them. That at the end of a stressful week it cheers them up.  

I have a friend that loves to run. Another friend who collects shoes and anytime she is stressed just looks down at her pretty feet. Another friend that sets time aside to read every book that comes out. I know women who love to cook. My sister is an avid scrapbooker. 

Me? I do my nails.

 I had five kids in six year(yes I had twins). It is a lot of work. I sometimes go days without showering. And on a hard day when I have bags under my eyes and baby spit up on my shoulder, I can look at my hands and smile at the Color and whimsy of my manicure. 
I own over a hundred bottles of nail polish, plus several nail art kits, and a UV lamp. I have tried everything from Water Colors to the Sharpie method.  Back in the nineties, long before manicures were a thing and grannie was the only one with more than a nude nail color on, I was the loser with the long brightly panted nails.  As we headed into the new millennium and nail art grew in popularity, I embraced it with my whole soul.   My nails celebrate holidays!  Christmas.  Halloween

My nails get dressed up for events.  First week of school. 

Biker Rallies. 

Awesome Con!Art show. 

It has also become a fantastic way to bond with my four daughters.  We all need something fun that helps us celebrate our lives. Sometimes life is hard and I am of the school of thought that it is not really meant to be easy. But, I am also of the school of thought that, even in the hard times when we often lose ourselves in the many demands of being an adult, we need to set aside time for something special, something that reminds us that we are still important, something weird and frivolous that makes us feel pretty.  


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1 Response to My Cure. 

  1. Vicky says:

    That’s how I feel about nails too!it just makes everything better to have an awesome manicure and pedicure. 🙂

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