My First Quilt

Because I sew so much, people are often surprised when I say I don’t quilt. When I was 10 I checked out a library book on quilting and fell in love with the idea. It seemed very straight forward and simple, but when I talked to my aunt about maybe helping me get started, she got excited and proceeded to explode with information on supplies I would need and technique I would need to master. I felt very overwhelmed and abandoned the idea. 

Over the years I have run into many similar situations. Avid quilters are very passionate about their personal preferences and it can be very intimidating. There seems to be so many ways to do things wrong. 

Finally I just decided to go for it and do it my way. I watched a couple of videos on YouTube and here are my results. 


Here is one of my concept sketches next to the finished product. I copied this from a coloring book.  I got many of my ideas from coloring books. For the shoes , I took an actual photo of my daughter’s Mary Janes and then traced it. The bee was an iron on patch that I thought was cute so I copied it. 
The purse I saw on another quilt.  

And the puppy I found  in a vintage story book. 

It ended up being a really fun project and as you can see in the picture, my daughter loved it. Not all the seams are straight and I am sure seasoned quilters could find many flaws in it, but I am very proud of my first quilt. 

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1 Response to My First Quilt

  1. Vicky says:

    It’s beautiful! I love the colors. 🙂

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