Sofia Mermaid Comparison

On Nov. 24 2013, ten days before my daughter’s fourth birthday, Sofia the First and The Floating Palace premiered on the Disney channel.  


Suddenly my daughter’s wish for a Sofia doll for her birthday became a plea for a Sofia-Mermaid doll. But the Disney merchandising department wasn’t making any.  So I did what I do and bought a normal Sofia doll and turned it into a Mermaid. 


Now, a year and a half later, Disney merchandising finally cought up with me and started producing mermaids. I can’t help but grin to myself as I compare what I made with what the store is now selling. 


I know it isn’t ground breaking, but it makes me smile to see how much alike they look and to know that God gave me skill that allowed my daughter to not have to wait over a year.  

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1 Response to Sofia Mermaid Comparison

  1. Carol says:

    You amazing!

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