Quite a day I had.

Today was one of those super long days that feels will never end. The moment I woke up, I wanted to roll over and spend the day in bed. This morning I had one of my weekly Ultra sounds to make sure everybody is OK. Hardest ultrasound ever!!! While they were measuring  baby A, my lungs got crushed and legs started to tingle. I almost passed out. I had to roll over and do the rest on my side.

_MG_6233Then when it was time to measure baby B, he would not hold still for anything. He kept rolling over. As they were measuring the blood flow in the cord he actually grabbed it and kept moving it around before he finally moved it out of line of sight. Then when they tried to get just a cute 3D picture, both kids put their hands up and covered their faces. It took forever!

By the time I got my kids picked up from the sitter and home again Lily had leaked through her clothes and it was at that point that I remembered I didn’t do any laundry last week and she had no clean clothes.  So, she crawled around the house in a sheep costume while I did a couple of loads of wash. After the clothes dried I  realize I had washed the pile of clothes that were set a sider to be packed because they no longer fit her.

At that point I just sat back and laughed. It is days like this that good stories are made of. I find some of the ironies in my life poetically beautiful sometime. Here’s hoping for a good night’s sleep.

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