Prom 2012

I have wanted to do a prom dress since I started this blog, but last year no one took me up on my offer. This year not only did I get to do a prom dress I got to do a very stylin’ prom dress. Jewell Stockett came to me with a gown meant for a quinceanera.  After much prayer she and her mother had found a incredible deal on the dress. The dress was a little to long for her and had an even longer train. Even though it came with a jacket to cover the strapless décolletage, we decided to ditch it and take advantage of the extra fabric in the train and create a beautiful sleeve. Not only would sleeves be more cool and comfortable while dancing, it will just plain look better. Why cover up a beautiful dress if you don’t have to.

The plan

After removing the train I would be sure to have more than enough fabric to create sleeves. The key is to make it look as though they had been there from the beginning. As you can see in the picture, the ruching across the bodice is at an angle that goes up on the right side. We decided to follow the ruching up the right side into a sleeve. And so as not to cover up all the beautiful bead work, we planned to have the left sleeve end at the top of the bodice.

Step 1.

Slightly shorten the dress and remove the train. Now, I am one that does a lot of eyeballing my measurements, but for this I had to be a whole lot more precise. I really needed a dress form at this point. But, my solution I must admit to being quite proud of. I used my husbands tripod as a dress form, so I could spread the the gown out properly.

First I marked it with a pin where she wanted the hem to fall then I followed that line around the dress with more pins.

Having mostly done things for myself and knowing how important prom night is and that I was in a position that I could really screw things up, I will fully admit I was sweating bullets when I took the scissors to this thing. But, as always, my fears did nothing more than compel me to double check my measurements five times more than I needed to.

Thanks to the hemming foot on my sewing machine(that I highly recommend getting) sewing the hem was simple and clean.

Set 2

I removed the flounce under the dress. The flounce was there to give the train a bustle to it. In that removing the train was to make it easier to dance in we decided not to reattach it in anyway.

Set 3


Step 4

Jewel joined me for the rest of it since I needed her there for measuring. We took the fabric from the train and cut them into these two shapes.

Step 4

We use the part from the fabric that was already hemmed for the outer part and then zigzagged the inner lines and then folded under the inner zigzagged side.

Step 5

Step 5

We created a gathered ruching  at the top and bottom of the sleeve  and then by hand ruched spots throughout the sleeve.

Step 6

Step 6

Also by hand, we attached the sleeves to the dress tucking the front right side into the ruching that came up on the front and the other three seems along the top of the bodice.

The dress turned out exactly how we wanted it to. With just a few hours of time and some creativity Jewel looked red carpet ready and completely modest for prom.

Gown                          $50

Shoes                          $19.99

Necklace                     $18

Earrings                     $9

Total                          $96.99(and about 6 hours with the sewing machine)

I think we can all agree she looks like she spent way more on that dress than she did. Thank you Jewell for including me on this. It was such a fun project. I loved getting to know you better.

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5 Responses to Prom 2012

  1. sewingforfun says:

    Fantastic dress. I am always on the look out for modest solutions to dress problems. I live in Norway and getting dressy dresses that are modest is very difficult. With two girls in the house sewing and gathering ideas is neccesary, at least if you want them to be modest. 🙂

  2. Vicky says:

    That is AWESOME! I am soooo against shrugs with formal dresses. totally ruins the integrity of the dress. but this is really impressive.

  3. Heather Underwood says:

    LOVE IT!

  4. Nate says:

    THIS IS SOO COOL The dress is definitely prettier tooo .. She is gorgeous and you are a design genius

  5. Leslie says:

    She’s model material! So beautiful!

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