New Earrings


Being resourceful in fashion doesn’t mean just clothes. You can remake shoes, purses and Jewelry. As I have said in the past, I looove jewelry. Remaking my jewelry predates my new found desire to be frugal and green. Todays project will be turning a necklace into earrings. I bought this necklace in Mexico 12 years ago from a street vendor for $2.50. I bought it because I wanted the earrings that came with it. They became my  default earrings and met their untimely end back in 2005. I am not a big necklace person, and have never worn this.

I have for sometime wanted to use the necklace to replace the earrings I loved and lost, but could not decide what to do with it. My favorite person on this years Project Runway is Anya Ayoung-Chee. I love her unique bohemian look and her “statement pieces” jewelry.


Using her look as my inspiration, I got to work on the necklace.

I bought these jewelry pliers about a year ago for about $4 and to fix a bracelet and I wonder now how I ever lived with out them. With them, I started detaching the links in the center of the necklace. I decided to have the weight of the earring be towards the bottom so after I removed the clasp and one link I attached an earring hook to the skinny side. That was it. The earrings were that easy to make.  From beginning to end it took about fifteen minutes and that is taking into account the fact that my two year old was helping me.

The end result is a pair of shoulder duster earrings that are lots of fun to wear and have a better story behind them than just finding them in a store.

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