Crochet Collar(by popular request)

So I have had a lot of people asking me to go into greater detail about crocheting a new lace collar on a shirt than I have in passed blogs, so I went shopping for a new shirt for that purpose alone.

I found this one that I liked at Ross. It has an elastic neck and since having kids I have usually had to do something to tweak these kind of shirts, because picking my kids up often tugs on the elastic and flashes the goods to the world.

I am not going to be able to put up an actual pattern because every shirt is different and one pattern won’t work of every shirt. So, I am at least going to go through the steps on how to just make it up yourself.

Step One (Click to Enlarge)

Step One Try on the shirt and determine how much of the shirt you want to cover. Do you just want to bring the neck line up slightly? Do you want the collar to go all the way around the neck? How far down do you want it to come? Then determine what shape you want in the collar. I usually go with circular flowers, but I could do stars, ovals, squares, or what ever. The first time I did this I spent about an hour on line looking at shirts with lace collars to get inspired.


It is not hard to find patterns for these type things. I usually do a search on line or just make something up. The key it to just make sure it will fit in the area you are needing it. (The smaller the weight yarn you use, the smaller the shapes will turn out)

Step Two ( Click to Enlarge)

Step Two For this shirt I determined I needed six small flowers. I used a white, 100% Cotton, size 10, bedspread weight yarn. I went with white for two reasons. They didn’t have the color I needed and even if they did I don’t want to have to collect every color they make. It is easier for me to just dye the yarn to match what ever I need it for. I always have white yarn in my sewing box for that reason.

Step Three ( Click to Enlarge)

Step Three Measure out where the flowers will go and the start connecting them. It really it just that simple. I used a pattern of Chaining and Single Stitches to to connect it all.

Step Three ( Click to Enlarge)

CH 3 SC in loop.

Once again every shirt is different so you just have to connect it in a way that works for the project. Once the pieces are connected, you can do more embellishments to it if you like.  The first time I did this I added a small boarder to the edges. This time I left it as is. You could add little beads, you could run a ribbon through it,.. etc. Your options are limitless.

Step Four (Click to Enlarge)

Step Four When the lace was finished, I threw it in some dye to make it match the shirt. For more on dyeing clothes check out my Shades of Style page. After rinsing it thoroughly, I stretched it out and pinned it to a folded towel to make sure it didn’t dry in any funny shapes. Then I set it in front of a fan to speed up the drying time.(optional)

Step Five I pinned it to the shirt. Now I don’t always pin things. I, more often than not, just eyeball it as I sew. I need you to know that so you understand how important it is when I say, I pinned every inch of this thing down. I pinned it so that every little petal on every little flower was in position. On something like this when you get it under the sewing machine parts of it have a tendency to shift. The first time I did one of these I had to sew the lace on three times. So if you want to only have to take one pass at it with the machine, PIN THAT THING DOWN.

Then I just matched the thread and sewed around the edges.

Step Six The elastic at the bottom of the shirt fit me funny, so I just pulled it out.

I really hope this was helpful or even made sense. I know everyone learns differently and if all I did was confuse you then PLEASE let me know and I will follow up with better explanations.

If you are wanting this exact effect but are not into crocheting, go shopping on There are a couple of vendors(you have to search around to find them) that sell ready made collars, some of them, for under five dollars and all you have to do is sew them on.

The nice thing about the crochet collar is that when it gets a little cold out they go really well under jackets, vests, and sweater.

Oh! BTW ignore the goofy expression on my face and just look at the pretty shirt.

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5 Responses to Crochet Collar(by popular request)

  1. Nate says:

    LUV IT!! U continue to amaze me!!

  2. that shirt it way more cute after you fixed it. I am so impressed.

  3. Vicky says:

    I’m impressed. That is super cute!

  4. redbamsews says:

    Fantastic! I love it. What a cool idea. I’ve toyed with a few crochet emblishments before so I really appreciate it when I see someone else’s work. Your color match is great. Good work!

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