Salem’s LBD

Two shirts

These two shirts were in the “getting rid of pile.” The first one was one of the last of the shirts that my husband shrunk out of when he lost 60 lbs and the other was one of mine that I have not worn in a long time because it had to be worn with a tank top under it and I got sick of roasting in layers. Hence my motto, “I only layer when it is cold.”

My daughter Salem is at the ages where all she wants to wear are dresses. The problem is that at 4 years old she is the size of a 6-7 year old. Finding pretty, flowy, and girly dresses in her size is surprisingly difficult. I guess 6 year olds are wearing mini skirts this year, but don’t even get me started on that one. So I decided to make her something she liked out of these two shirts. Truth be known I have kinda been saving these two shirts for her. Since she was small, she has looked amazing in black. It really just is her color.

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But, most of the black stuff in her size looks way to Miley Cyrus for a 4 year old.

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I knew I wouldn’t have quite enough fabric between the two shirts, so I pulled out this gingham that I bought on sale in remnants bin some time ago.

Step One I started out by removing all the buttons from both shirts and putting them in my button jar.  I have a habit of holding onto the buttons zippers and patches of the clothes that I am remaking.

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Step Two After measuring Salem I cut out the top of the shirt to make it fit her.

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Step Three I cut the sleeve and collar of my husband’s shirt to use as the mane section of the dress. The shirt was a Geoffrey Beene, so the fabric is soft and moves well.

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Step Four I attached the two pieces.

Step Five At this point I was ready to do sleeves, But I still needed a lot of my fabric to add to the bottom as a ruffle and where as there was still a lot of fabric left from my husbands shirt the pieces were all too small for a full sleeve.

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So, I decided to do petal sleeves. I took two smaller pieces and fit them together to get a full sleeve. The effect is that the sleeve looks like flower petals.

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Step Six The last step was the ruffle at the bottom. I still needed a lot of length on it so I did a large ruffle with the rest of the black fabric and the black and white gingham.

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When she first saw it, Salem told me, “Mommy the dress is perfect.” I guess that means she likes it. She calls it her dancey dress.

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3 Responses to Salem’s LBD

  1. Cute dress! I think I need to start sewing so that my little girl will be able to have “dancey” dresses when she is 6 too.

  2. Cindy Jones says:

    I currently have my 2 year old in 4 year old dresses so that they come down to the knee. I am just learning to sew but hopefully I will be awesome at it by the time my daughter is 4

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