Cocktail Hour(Another It Takes Two Solution)

Way too short

Finding a modest cocktail dress can be one of the hardest feats of fashion. It is often to easy to pick out the women at a party that didn’t have a cocktail dress. They are limited to wearing a black suit and look more like they are dressed for a catholic funeral than a party. Hundreds of years ago the pre-dinner parties, were drinks were passed around and people socialized, were set off by the bright colors of silks and jewels. It was an opportunity to see who was at the event and parade around the new dress before the party got started. Now a days cocktail hour is still the opportunity for meet and greet and to get first impressions.

In my life it seems that when ever I have an event that is black tie or black tie optional, I find out only days or even hours before the event. Three years ago my husband randomly called me from work and said, “grab my tux and come pick me up I just got us tickets to the People’s Choice Awards.” Where as it was a very fun night, I had just had my second child and none of my things fit me. I was the woman in the plain black suit that didn’t have a cocktail dress.

The Plan

I found this one and fell in love with the color, but as you can see it is way to short and and it rode even further up as I walked. It is also cut a little low for me. So, I bought two and decided to add some length.

It was pretty simple. I just cut the lower 6 inches off of dress B and attached it to the bottom of dress A.  The fact that the dress had ruffled layers simplified it even more as the ruffles covered the seam. The only thing that caused problem was that the fabric was a little hard to work with.

Then I hand stitched a small piece of fabric into the Décolletage. That was it. The whole thing really was just that simple.

Blue dress $29.99 x 2 = $59.98(and three episodes of America’s Next top Model)

I will pair the dress with Silver Shoes and a very Large bracelet. I don’t have a clutch yet, but I was thinking something silver sequins to mach the shoes.


It is on the “less fancy” side of cocktail dress, but I usually don’t need much more. I can’t wait to wear it out.

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11 Responses to Cocktail Hour(Another It Takes Two Solution)

  1. Heather Underwood says:

    The longer dress looks so much prettier on you!

  2. Jocelyn says:

    Love it!

  3. Nate says:

    I love this dress on you. Just gorgeous!!!

  4. you and the dress look AMAZING! I am very impressed that the material didn’t intimidate you as it does seem hard to work with. WAY TO GO! Please post a pic when you are all decked out for your next cocktail party.

  5. Lyz says:

    You look FABULOUS. That length of skirt is SO much more attractive than the original (and the insert makes one look at YOU, not your chest.) Awesome. And you’re right, that’s a gorgeous color.

  6. Erin says:

    I need you to live in LA so you can alter my clothes! You’re very talented 🙂

  7. Very awesome, that hemline is much more flattering. Speaking of clutches, you could make one out of the extra fabric to go with another outfit; clutches with ruffles are pretty darn trendy right now and adorable!

  8. Nora says:

    It was cute to start with, but you made it womanly and sexy. Well done!

  9. Cindy Jones says:

    Curses, I for got to spell check the above before I posted. So, I promise I know that is not how you spell material and stuff.

  10. Cindy Jones says:

    I’ve had trouble attaching extra matierial to the bottom of skirts because it is hard to make the radius of the two peices match up Any tips on how to handle the process?

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