Cream Filling

Cream Color Shirt

I think every wardrobe should have a cream colored shirt for the summer. It is an easier color to wear that white and most people can pull it off.

I found this little number in Marshalls for 12.99. It wasn’t what I had gone into the store for, but I brought it home anyway.

It is polyester so I never have to worry about ironing it. But, the thing I liked most about it is that is it so light weight that it almost feels like I am not wearing anything at all and it looks cute on me.

The only problem is, one that I often run into, there is no backing on the lace, so you can see right through it. That is O.K. I have had to fill in shirts before. It is an easy fix that you don’t need a machine for.

I usually try and match the weight of the fabric with that of the shirt. Since this shirt is so light weight, I decided to just use a simple tulle.


Strangely enough cream colored non-shiny(some tulles are sparkly and you want to avoid that for this kind of project) tulle is slightly harder to come by. Joanne’s (the only fabric store in town) was all out and I had to talk to the manager about ordering more. Managers are usually good about stuff like that.

Step One I laid my shirt out flat and folded about five layers of tulle across the lace and pinned it down around the already existing seem.

Step Two Using a loop stitch, I sewed it down to the seem. I took care to sew directly to the seem and avoid the outer part of the shirt so there would not be a loop stitch seem when I turned it right-side-out.

Step Three I cut off the excess tulle. Beware, if you are doing this tired as I was, not to cut the shirt while cutting off the tulle.

It tuned out quite nicely. 

All Done
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