Cotton Top (Another “It Takes Two” Project)

It Takes Two

This week I am going to do up a shirt to match my new Army Style Pants. (Last Mondays Project)

The best  way to pair the military look is with something very feminine. So I went looking for a very flowy  and flowery top.

I found this cotton blouse at Marshalls for $12.99 . I decided to buy two and use my “It Takes Two” Solution on it. The first Shirt (Shirt A) I tried on to make sure it fit me how I wanted it to. The second Shirt(Shirt B) I got in the largest size available. That way I would have plenty of fabric to work with.

Step One was to come up with a plan.

The Plan

The top already had a lot of character and panache. There was not much I needed to do to it. Sleeves where really the only thing it needed. I designed some soft flowy sleeves to go with the style of the Blouse.

Step Two (Click To Enlarge)

Step Two I turned on season 2 of The Big Bang Theory. Then I took Shirt B and cut the lace off the bottom and off the neckline. I will not be using it on this project, but it is good lace and I will for sure be using in the future, so I put it in a zipp-lock bag and put it in my Future Projects FootLocker.

Step Three (Click To Enlarge)

Step Three Using Shirt A to measure, I cut two sleeves out of the fabric from Shirt B and zig-zagged the edges.

Step Four Using my Sewing Machine’s Rolled Hem Foot, I hemmed both sleeves.

Step Four (Click To Enlarge)

Step Four (Click To Enlarge)

I love this machine foot. It makes for a very tight, very thin hem that is difficult to get otherwise.

Step Five Then I gathered, pinned, and sewed on the sleeves. All done!

Step Five (Click To Enlarge)

Shirt                                     $12.99 x 2

Total                                     $25.98

(and three Episodes of The Big bang Theory)

It didn’t take long at all. The end result is a fun Flirty Cotton Shirt. I think it looks cute on me.

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End Results

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5 Responses to Cotton Top (Another “It Takes Two” Project)

  1. wow! quite impressive, I must say. This has got to be one of my favorite things you have done so far. It looks SO ADORABLE!!!

  2. Juniper's Auntie Gramma says:

    This is so stinking cute! Great job!

  3. vicky says:

    This is sooooooo adorable. I LOVE it.

  4. Kersten says:

    I love it. I’ve never been brave enough to add my own homemade sleeves. I need to try this.

  5. nate says:

    YOU are quite simply to cleverest prettiest thing I have ever seen !!!***!!! ANd I felt that way from the minute I met you.!!!!I I LOVE YOU!!!***!!

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