Red Dress

Natalie Gardiner(long time friend) was given a dress she feels it just not her. She is wanting some ideas of something fun to do with it and sent me a picture in hope that more people would give her feed back.

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Her first thought was to make it into a skirt. I love the skirt idea. Detach it at the waist and then add a two inch piece of fabric from the top and run it around the waist. She would need to add buttons or a zipper for closure.  I would in addition add some character to it.

My thought is to get a very large white rick-rack or a thick white ribbon with maybe some red poke-a-dots on it and run it along the bottom about three inches above the hem. Then I would accent the skirt with a matching belt and shoes.

That is just my idea. If you want to weigh in, make a comment below. If you want to post a picture of your idea to give her inspiration just email it to me at

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7 Responses to Red Dress

  1. Vicky says:

    I really like the idea of trimming it with black instead of white. Then you could put black lace coming out of the bottom and cover the top in black lace too. It would be super easy to do the skirt thing that way and then accent with a black belt. good luck Natalie. (Gardner)

  2. andrea says:

    Ok. I totally like the idea someone said about adding like a lacy meterial over the top.i like the skirt idea. But it seems like the rest would be a little wasted. Natalie ( gardner) i bet the way this dress hangs it looks so flattering on you. You have such a cute figure 🙂 sorry i didnt have more input. The ideas will cone soon.
    Ps i do like the puff sleeves idea. I am not sure if natalie is a fan of puff sleeves. Love ya girl. Good luck.

  3. Emily says:

    It’s hard to tell from the photo what kind of material the dress is made of, I also don’t know your friend, her style, or her body. Not knowing these things makes it hard but, if this were my dress, I would start by changing the sleeves to either a cap sleeve or a puff sleeve. Perhaps even change the fabric of the sleeves to a sheer or lace. If possible widen the neck line to a boat-like neck line. Then make it into an empire waist dress by cutting it just below the bust (remembering to leave room for a seam allowance), and re-attach to form the waist. A thin white or patterned ribbon around the new waist tied off center. Another idea is, use a contrasting color of fabric (a lined lace in white, perhaps) to form a band between the bodice and the skirt. After cutting at the empire waist attach the contrasting fabric, then sew the skirt to the band.

  4. Natalie says:

    Thanks dear and everyone else for the comments! Ill send you a picture when I decide what to do with it!

  5. Kersten says:

    It feels like it should have like a 40’s or 50’s feel to it. Some ideas on how to change it up a bit, maybe turn the sleeves into cap sleeves or something. The neckline could definitely use some work. Maybe add some lace to it, I’m not sure if it could be recut easily, it would probably have to be taken apart. The Skirt idea is probably the easiest route. If she wanted to add a cute sheer overlay that would probably liven it up a bit as well.

  6. Erin says:

    Can you dye it a different color? Not a fan of the red, but I think navy would be really cool.

  7. Maggie Thurber says:

    I like the skirt idea as well. The neck is just so blah. I probably wouldn’t match it with white b/c I wouldn’t have that much in my closet to match with the dress. Instead I would add a thick black belt or I would add more material at the bottom underneath the skirt to give the skirt more umph and then just put an elastic band around the waist. I have a hard time visioning clothes so good luck Natalie!

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