Military Mania

Military Style

I am a big fan of military inspired fashion. I have particularly been eager to participate in this summer’s hottest trend. I think the effect of taking a rough Army look and softening with a more feminine side is very fun and flirty.

For three months now I have been looking for the perfect army inspired capri pants. I have tried on probably 50 pairs of pants, but there is always something wrong with then. Either they don’t have my size, or they don’t fit me right, or they don’t have enough pockets. I am about ready to give up.

Perfect Cut. Wrong Color.

The other day I found these pants they are exactly what I wanted just not the right color. Luckily I know how to fix that.

Fun Stitching

Dyeing clothes is never an exact science. One never knows for sure what the end result will be. My hope was that the zippers and stitching would come out just slightly lighter than the pants themselves. I like emphasized stitching. It gives a fun character to clothes.

Dry Spots can ruin a Dye

It is a whole lot harder to get and evan distribution of color for heavier fabrics. It is very important to NOT miss the step of wetting them down first.  As you can see in the picture the spots on the fabric that didn’t get wet just by running water on them. Had I just thrown them in the dye those spots would not have taken color. I spent time to run water through all the pockets. That kind of attention really does make for a better dye job.

Take care to throughly wet the pockets

I went to the Rit web site to get a color recipe for a rich Army green.

1 Tsp Dark Green

2 Tsp Golden Yellow

1/2 Tsp Black

When the water was hot and the color was mixed, I put the pre-wet pants in the dye and cooked them on med stirring every five minute for a half hour. Once again because I was working with heavier fabric, I was stirring a lot more often than I would with any other fabric.

The final results were perfect. As I hoped the zippers and thread came out lighter and gave it a little more of a rugged look. I didn’t have time to iron them before I took the picture so disregard the wrinkles.

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6 Responses to Military Mania

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  2. maggie says:

    amazing as usually. though I have to disagree with you on the army look. I do not like it. It seems only a few people can really pull it off. I guess you are one of those few 🙂

    • Most people don’t know how to do the military look. The trick is to only have one military piece and dress it up. The shirt I have planned to go with these pant will be next mondays project. It will be very feminine and I will accent the whole thing with jewelry and heels.

  3. Vicky says:

    wow, you are so cool!

  4. nate says:

    OH and LOOK at those FLAT abs of yours…SWEET!

  5. nate says:

    love them .. U continue to amaze and inspire me!!!

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