On the Go and Lookin’ Good

Makeup in 1 Minute and 47 Seconds and No Foundation

I have talked in the past about how important it can be to take 10-15 minutes for yourself and put on some makeup and spruce your hair. But sometimes there are those days that are insane and you really just don’t have that kind of time. For days like that I am giving you my 1 minute and 47 second method.  It is quick, it is easy and if you need to you can grab the makeup and do it in the car. 

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The Pre-Treatment 

I don’t like wearing very much foundation in the summer. I have always lived in humid to very humid climates and makeup just melts off in the summer heat. Years ago I learned a really good trick to minimize or eliminate the need for a whole lot of  cover up. I work it right into my skin care routine.  I use a very light Sunless Tanning. Many people have seen the negative results of too much spray on tan and they won’t go near it. Hear me out for just a second. It makes all the difference in the world.

Sunless Tanning

I use the Jergens *Natural Glow Daily Revitalize Moisturizer for fair skin tones about every other day. The trick is to not over use it. You want to get a very healthy sun kissed look not a full blown tan. When you go in the sun where do you get the sun burn first? On your cheeks and nose. So, after washing your face,  take a dime sized amount and start working it into your skin around your cheeks and nose and then blend up to your forehead and down to your chin and neck. (always wash your hands afterwards)

This is going to tone down any red you may have in your skin and act as a light foundation. If you look at the photos above, you will notice I have a breakout starting on my forehead in the before. The after was taken 2 hour after I applied the Jergens and you can barely see the breakout. I am wearing NO Foundation in that after picture.

The Makeup

Start your timer and lets see how fast you can put on your makeup. It is a five step program that may change your life.

Eye Liner

Step One “Eye Liner”

I use the N.Y.C. Waterproof Pencil Dark Brown. This is a good drug store eye liner and next to MAC it is the best waterproof pencil I have ever used. Rather than putting the eyeliner above the lashes, slightly pull up your eyelid with your finger and apply it from under the lashes. Penciling it into your Lash Line (in between the lashes) all the way across your eye. On the lower lid rather than put it under the lashes apply it from above the lashes and once again apply it to the Lash Line. I usually only go half way across on the bottom lid. This will instantly open the eyes up without having to do much to them.

Powder on the Eye Lids

Step Two “Powder”

I use a simple All in one Wet/Dry Powder. Take the powder and simply sweep it across the eye lid from the lashes up to the brow. This will make your eyes look less tired and keep your lids from looking shiny.

It is better if you choose a Wet/Dry powder that leans towards the darker side of your skin tone; maybe something you wear when you are slightly more tan. If it is too light you may start looking like a ghost and too dark can make you look tired again. The powder I use I got specifically for my eye lids and it rarely gets used elsewhere.


Step Three “Under Eye Concealer”

Use just a basic concealer and dab a SMALL amount under the eyes and blend down to the top of the cheeks. This is an effortless No Makeup look, so you want make sure it is properly blended towards the bottom.

If you have any blemishes that are very visible dab a SMALL amount of concealer on them as well and blend in.

NOTE: The most common problem people have with concealer is using too much. Don’t over do it.


Step Four “Blush”

Some times I use a Powder Blush and sometimes I use a Blush Cream. It depends on my mood and which one is towards the top of my makeup case. (People with oily skin or prone to breakouts should avoid Blush Cream)

When I am in a massive hurry, I usually don’t even get out the blush. I just grab the blush brush and sweep it across my cheeks. The Blush that is left on the brush from the last use is perfect for a natural rosy cheek.

Lip Gloss

Step Five “Lip Gloss”

I use a very light pink lip gloss. There is no science to putting on the lip gloss. Just sweep it across the lips. If I have time I use a matching liner.

You want to stay with colors that are slightly darker than your natural lip color when wearing so little make up otherwise the makeup will look unbalanced.

There is my On The Go Makeup Plan. Whether you are in a hurry or just wanting an easy natural look, it does the job.

*The Natural Glow Daily Revitalize Moisturizer is a full body moisturizer. Jergens makes a Natural Glow Healthy Complexion daily Facial Moisturizer, but I have found that it streaks.

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8 Responses to On the Go and Lookin’ Good

  1. Monica says:

    One minute!? That is amazing! Lovin’ your blog.

    Ask the Duplex

  2. Angela Winward Tenney says:

    Thank you so much for sharing the sunless tanner trick! We are going to be riding bikes a lot this summer and I want to look nice, but not pile on the make-up. I just put some on this morning and I can already see a difference. Keep up the good work 🙂

  3. nate says:

    Okay I will have to set out on a mission . I have a couple of cover girl coupons

  4. nate says:

    i have used the jergens on my legs for years, i had never thought about using it on my face. good tip

  5. nate says:

    okay, so which wet/dry powder do I buy?

    • Almost every makeup line has a Wet/Dry Powder, but everyone has different skin and environment. I use a less known brand called Beauty Control. It works well in the humidity, but when I am up there visiting you I can’t use it. You just have to find one that works for you.

  6. maggie says:

    I’m gonna have to get me some of that sunless tanning lotion! great before and after pics. thanks for posting!

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