I Need More Tops

New Top

So, I recently cleaned out my closet and found I am in need of more tops. More specifically, I need more knit tops. I found this one at Marshals for $8.99. I like the way it fits my figure and it is comfy.

I do need to do a small alteration in that the lace on the sleeves is see through and lets face it showing braw straps is tacky.

The plan is easy peasy. I just need to add a little fabric behind the lace.

The sleeve

While I am at it I figured I would drop it in some dye, because color is always better and more fun to wear. I am trying to stay away from blacks these days. They may be slimming but they can be down right boring.

Dyeing Shirt

I thought a nice Aqua green would be fun with the style of the shirt. I had to do some mixing of dyes to get this shade. For more on color mixing and dyeing clothes

1 Tbs Royal Blue
1 1/2 Tbs Kelly Green

Black Fabric

I had some black knit fabric left over from other projects.

Fabric Piece

I cut it into small squares that matched the size of the lace and as always I zig zagged the edges.


Then I pinned and sewed it onto the lace.

This was an easy project that anyone could have done. I could have done this by hand if I didn’t have a machine. And because I already had the dye and the black knit fabric, it cost me the price of the shirt. $8.99.

All Done

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  1. nate says:

    love it!!!

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