Protect Your EYES!!!

Piper and Me Sporting Shades

So My brother, who just graduated from nursing school, has recently educated me about the dangers of UV rays. Strangely enough he was not talking about skin cancer. Did you know that UV rays are equally damaging to your eyes as they are your complexion? The exposure of your eyes to UV rays will cause the need for glasses as you get older. The less care you take for your eyes, the younger you will be when you start needing those old lady glasses.


Now I am one who can’t keep a hold of a pair of sunglasses to save my life. I scratch them, my kids break them, I leave them in friends cars and never see them again, the sunglasses learn to hate me and they run away from home. I am a sunglasses jinx. Last year was a good year; I only went through 11 pair.

Love your Eyes

A couple of years ago my Opthamologist told me how horrible the lenses on designer sun glasses can be. He said, “quite often the frames are beautiful feats of engineering and the actual lenses are crap that can damage your eyes.” He said he is constantly changing out the lenses on designer shades for some of his clients.

Needless to say I am not one to spend very much on sunglasses. I feel it is waist for me to spend over $15 on a pair that will be dead by next week. I have three places I usually shop for shades.

3. H&M I like shopping H&M and usually pick up glasses there because I was shopping there anyways.  Their sunglasses are usually between $6.99-$11.99. They are not the strongest glasses in the world and my H&M glasses usually meat their untimely end in pieces at the hand of my two year old.

2. Target Target glasses are usuually a lot stronger but have less of a selection. It is harder for me to find a pair I like and they run from $8.99 -$15.99.

1. Forever 21 I have found Forever 21 sunglasses to be my favorite. They usually have a really good selection that does a excellent job ripping off the designer sunglasses. Their sunglasses are durable and always $5.99. When I find a pair I am in love with I usually get three or four of them.

Salem with her Pretty Purple Sunglasses

My Kids Eyes. Having lived in California and now Florida, I have always been really big on putting Sunglasses on my kids. Now that I understand how dangerous the the sun can be for their little developing eyes, I have gotten even more vigilant. Last summer I bought about 10 pair of the little $1.99 sunglasses at Target. I keep a couple in my car, in each of my purses, in the stroller pocket and next to the door. If my little girls are going outside, there will be protection for their eyes available. I recently gathered all the little shades,  inspected the scratched and damaged ones and replaced them with newer.

With all the knowledge we have these days about what is damaging to our bodies, it is wise to take a little time on a couple of precautions.

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3 Responses to Protect Your EYES!!!

  1. maggie says:

    how do you keep the glasses on your little girls? Talmage loves wearing glasses, but even then it only lasts max 3-5 min.

    • Salem fought me on it for a long time, but one day (she was 15 months)we were out in the sun and she kept fussing because the sun was in her eyes. So I turned the stroller directly in the sun light waited for 30 seconds as she cried then I put her sunglasses on her. She finally understood why I was torturing her with those things and she never fought me on it again. In fact, after that, she would fuss if she didn’t have them.

  2. Kersten says:

    I am soooo bad at losing/breaking sunglasses as well. It drives Matt crazy. He always tells me it’s so pointless, but my eyes have always been sensitive in the sunlight. In fact if I wear certain mascaras (usually the expensive ones) & go outside, as soon as my eyes hit the sun my eyes grow red hot, watery, and very painful! I watched my Mother’s dark eyes slowly grow lighter as she aged, and her Dr told it was sun damage. I’ve seen my lovely brown eyes slower fad as well…so sad! So even though Matt thinks it’s a waste of money, I continue to buy my cheapy sunglasses.

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