Earring Organizer

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I love jewelry. In that sense I am probably more my mothers daughter than any other area. So, I went to find a pair of earrings the other day and it took me so long to dig through my host of earrings that I couldn’t find the specific pair I wanted and ended leaving the house with bare ears.

Necklace hanger

It finally occurred to me that I might need a better system for organization. After all, jewelry is the most important part of getting dressed.

I went looking for earring stands but couldn’t find any I liked. I did how ever find this beautiful necklace hanger. I love the style of this thing with the whole antique frame. The problem is that I don’t have many necklaces and the ones I have don’t need organization. My issue is keeping my many earrings under control.

So I decided to take the basic idea of this one and completely and unashamedly rip the whole thing off. Only I will just apply it to earrings and use colors that better match my bedroom.


List of what I need


Egg plant colored lace

Grey liner

Batting left over from another project.

This whole thing was simple, simple, simple.

Step One I cut the lace, lining and batting in a rectangle an inch and a half bigger than the frame.

Cut Fabric

Step Two I framed all three fabrics with the lace on the top, then the lining and the batting on the bottom.

Step Three The edges of fabrics where hanging out. I decided to glue them down rather than cut them. All done! It was that easy.

Frame          $4.99(clearance)

Lace             $1.99

Lining          $1.99

Total            $8.97 (and about ten minutes)

The end result was an earring frame that will hold from 25 to 40 earrings depending on the size of the earrings. I like it even more than the one I got the inspiration from. It is more me!


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5 Responses to Earring Organizer

  1. Amanda says:

    I made something similar to this but I used a stiff cross stitching fabric and spray painted it and the frame the color I wanted. Its might not be as pretty as the lace but its more durable.

  2. meredith says:

    pretty! i only really have necklaces and i use pins on a cork board to organize mine. fun fun:)

  3. Sarai says:

    that looks fantastic! I have the exact same problem hahaha
    I think i’m going to try this 🙂


  4. vicky says:

    I LOVE this

  5. nate says:

    you are quite literally a creative genius !!!!!!!!!

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