Tanks a Lot


Every once in a while, either because it is so cheap or because it is so dang cute, I come across a tank top that I can’t pass up. I don’t want to break my “No Layering” rule, because lets face it, it is HOT out side. So, I have to find other solutions that work for me.

I found this cute tank top on sale at Target for $1.99. It was cute and I was wanting to fill my closet with more flowery type prints anyway so, I decided to give it a good home.

The top is a very soft and comfortable cotton and the print seemed playful to me, so I decided to keep my design casual.

The Plan

I decided to do a “Base Ball Shirt” style with the sleeves. I still felt it needed a little character so I added the peace sign.

I hit up Joanne’s and bought 1/3 a yard of cream colored knit fabric.


I took the seem ripper and carefully removed the edging around the neck and shoulders of the top.

Remove edging

I used my 10 year old “All American Rejects” T-shirt as a base line for the sleeve pattern.

cutting sleeves

Using the old t-shirt as a guide, I cut the strap part off the tank top.


Before adding the sleeve I cut out, pinned, and sewed on my peace sign. (it would have been a lot harder to get it on had I waited till after the sleeves were done)

Cut out Peace Sign

Pin and Sew on Peace Sign.

Then I hemmed the sleeve and sewed up the inner arm. (always zig zag edges when working with knit fabrics)


At that point I pinned and sewed on the sleeves.

Pin on Sleeves

The last step was to take the edging that I had removed from the neck at the begining and pin and sew it back on to the neck of the shirt.

Last Step

Tank top                                                    $1.99

Knit Fabric                                                $2.29

Total                                                           $4.28 and 3 Episodes of Alias

Having clothes that I love wearing       Priceless.

I love how it turned out. It is comfortable and adds a fun new look to my closet.

More on sewing    More sewing projects

Final Shirt

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7 Responses to Tanks a Lot

  1. Melody Kostenuk says:

    This is an incredibly cute idea!! How clever of you!!

  2. ashley says:

    $2 tank! awesome deal! i love how crafty you are

  3. Andrea says:

    That was so cute. I could totally do that with the steps you detailed us through. Love ya

  4. Sarah says:

    I love your creativity! It looks great! And no layers! Here in Utah I get tired of seeing people layering their tank tops with shirts and camis. It is not attractive. Thanks for sharing 😀

  5. nate Westwood says:

    you are so clever…. Really over the top clever

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