Critiquing the Fashion Critics

Fashion critics baffle me. How they come to some of their conclusions often leads me to believe they are being bought off. How else would these dresses make the best and worst dressed lists?

Audrina Patridge

First off we have Audrina Patridge. Now I am not a big Audrina fan and I have Never watched “The Hills,” but she got bad reviews when she wore this Vintage emerald sequined pencil dress to “Runways Magazine’s red carpet event. I am not quite sure what they felt the problem was. Maybe she got a bad rating because it was Vintage and not Designer.

The color is beautiful on her, it compliments her height extremely well. She paired it well with her accessories and hair do. The lines of the dress work well with her figure. Not everyone can pull of such a sparkly dress, but she did a very good job. I liked it.

Scarlett Johansson

Next we have Scarlett Johansson. She ended up on the “Worst Dressed” list wearing this pale peach beaded gown by Elie Saab from the Spring 2011 collection to the Golden Globes this year. What are these people smoking? She looks lovely in that gown.

She looked comfortable and breezy. The color works for her and I love the way her makeup is done. With the hair swept back, she has an over all softness that is a nice change from her usual bold colors. The only thing that can be said for her is that she skimped on the accessories. I would have gone for bigger earrings if I were her. But, she rarely does big earrings on the red carpet so it is obviously a personal preference of hers. In short, how she ended up on the “Worst Dressed” list remains a mystery.

Kate Winslet

What confuses me more are some of the things that end up on “Best Dressed” lists. Take, for instance, this dress worn by Kate Winslet. Don’t get me wrong. I like Kate Winslet and I usually like what she chooses to wear. She usually has a good sense for what will work for her. But, not this time. She wore this Stella McCartney gown from the 2011 Fall line to the HBO premiere of Mildred Pierce and got rave reviews for her fashion sense.

I do not agree. The dress in not figure flattering at all. She looks washed out, tired, and uncomfortable. Not to mention the dress really is, in and of itself,  just Ugly.

Poppy Delevingne

Last of all we have Poppy Delevingne. The woman is gorgeous and would look good in a potato sack, but unfortunately not in this Chanel suit that she wore to the Chanel Collection Croisiere Fashion Show earlier this month. I am not even sure if I can call it a suit. It is more of a suit inspired romper.  The color is beautiful on her, but that is were is ends. The shorts are so tight that they look like panties and I am nervous for her to sit down in them.  Over all she looks like she forgot to put on the her pants and yet this ensemble ended upon a “Best Dressed” list.

Where as a lot of beauty is genetic, what you do with it isn’t. A good sense of style is something you have to learn. Hopefully a sense of modesty can also be learned at the same time. My goal is to stay current on my knowledge of fashion so that as my girls get older they are not getting their education on what looks good from the fashion critics.  For more on fashion

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4 Responses to Critiquing the Fashion Critics

  1. Vicky says:

    Oh! I totally disagree with Lori and Emily. I thought the green dress was stunning. but then I am a HUGE sequins.
    but then I have loved most of christina agulars wilder fashion moments. what can I say I’m a pure dramatic when it comes to fashion personality

  2. Emily says:

    1 – Skin, the amount showing makes a difference. The first dress is knee length and long sleeved – if it had been sleeveless and mid-thigh it would not have been considered bad. The peach dress, while revealing at the neckline, hides just about everything else. The black dress and suit show enough skin to be considered sexy without being vulgar.

    2 – Edgy-ness. The black dress with the sheer polka dot fabric is edgy and bold, shows some skin, and has an interesting detail line where the black and sheer fabric meet. Part of the problem that I see with this dress is that she did not accessorize well and her make-up is very bland.

    3 – Trendy – The “suit” bottoms are hot right now, they are a fashion trend and when paired with a suit jacket it becomes edgy. Plus it’s a Chanel suit at a Chanel fashion show – how could they not list it as best dressed. And then of course the rest of her is gorgeous.

    And then of course taste. Everyone has a different style. I personally don’t care for the green dress. I, personally, am not a fan of sequins, and to me this dress is a too much. . I also think the belt is completely wrong for the kind of fabric. To me, the dress looks like the designer couldn’t decide between and evening gown or a church dress so made both in one dress. In the words of “Project Runway,” it’s a little too matronly.
    I love the peach dress, however. And I think the black dress by itself is good, but it isn’t worn well. Plus, the angle the photograph is taken doesn’t do much for either the dress nor Kate. With the right accessories, hair,and camera angle I think it could have been a great dress.
    Finally, I whole-heartily agree that the diaper short is awful and I dread the day I see women walking around town in them. Just like skinny jeans – only certain people should wear them. Unfortunately this particular style is now “trendy.” But, I have yet developed the power to stop fashion, so I can only hope that this blows over quickly before too much cellulite starts showing.

  3. Lori says:

    Interestingly I saw the KateW dress show up on a couple of worst-lists – so the critics can’t even agree amongst themselves. I agree about the ScarlettJ dress – though I think her hair would have looked even nicer half down, or perhaps with a contrasting belt or necklace or something to break the color a little.

    That green dress is atrocious though – In my opinion that’s what makes good “fashion” though – clothes that fit well, and are interesting enough to cause this type of debate, I would rather look at worst of outfit than a “nice-enough” dress…

  4. Andrea says:

    Vert good. I always enjoy your posts. Very insiteful (sp). Love you. Keep up the good work

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