“Mommy, I need a Princess Tutu Too”

Princess tutu

Right now my two little girls are into princesses. Anything to do with princesses is just the most wonderful thing in the world. That is very much fueled by the fact that we live 20 minutes from Disney’s Magic Kingdom and invested in season passes last year. Last week we were in one of the shops at Epcot and we saw theses little princess tutus.

Price Tag

They seemed a whole lot more convenient and easy than a whole princess dress. The problem is their price tag is a little inconvenient.  At $32.95 a dress times two little princesses, I am looking at $65.90 plus tax. That is not going to happen. But, this Fairy-God-Mother has a magic sewing machine.

Sleeping Beauty and Snow White

Sleeping Beauty and Snow White are the favorites of the hour. It just so happens that those are the only two princesses that the store did Not have tutus for, so I have less to copy from and am coming up with something on my own.  I hit the fabric store and got a lot of yellow & pink tulle and some accent fabrics.

Pretty Fabric

Sleeping Beauty                                     Snow White

3.5 yards of pink tulle                               3.5 yards of yellow tulle

1/3 yard of pink satin                               1/3 Yard crushed velvet

1/3 yard pink cotton                                 1/3 yard yellow cotton

1 spool pink ribbon.                                 1 spool red ribbon

Elastic                                                       Elastic

Sleeping Beauty Tutu

I started out with cutting the pink satin into 6 semi diamond shapes and sewing them together.(picture A)

Picture A (click to enlarge)

I did a zig zag stitch on all the edges. (picture B)

Picture B (click to enlarge)

Then I pinned and sewed the ribbon to the outer edge. (picture C)

Picture C (click to enlarge)


Next I took the cotton and cut it into 36×13 piece, folded it in half width wise and sewed along the edge. Then I thinly hemmed the bottom.

Cotton Fabric (Click to Enlarge)

(The next four steps were very simple, but really hard to explain so bear with me on this one)

Steps 1-4(click to Enlarge)

Step 1. I Attached the satin flounce to the top of the cotton.

Step 2. I gathered the tulle and attached it to the cotton two-ish inches below where the Satin was attached.

Step 3. I folded down the Satin flounce and sewed it about 2/3 and inch from the fold. IMPORTANT: I sewed it around except for the last inch leaving a 1 inch gap. (refer to picture)

Step 4. I cut some elastic to the measurement of my daughters waist and fed it into the gap and around the waist of the tutu. I sewed the two ends together and sewed close the gap.


Snow White Tutu

The Snow White tutu was much more simple than the Sleeping beauty tutu and took me about half the time.

I cut the crushed velvet into a 36×8 rectangle piece with rounded corners on one side. (See picture A)

Pic A (Click to Enlarge)

I did a Zig zag stitch and hemmed the lower edge. (See picture B)

Pic B (Click to Enlarge)

I pinned and sewed on five pieces of red ribbon folding the ends under. (See picture C)

Pic C (Click to Enlarge)

Last I sewed a long strip of ribbon along the top of the flounce. (See Picture D)

Pic D (Click to Enlarge)

Then I finished the tutu by following the same steps outlined for the Sleeping Beauty tutu.

Sleeping Beauty                                     Snow White

3.5 yards of pink tulle        $6.97                         3.5 yards of yellow tulle      $6.97

1/3 yard of pink satin     $1.99                               1/3 Yard crushed velvet     $1.99

1/3 yard pink cotton     $0.89                                 1/3 yard yellow cotton    $0 .89

60 inches pink ribbon.      $0.69                                81 inches red ribbon     $1.11

20 inches Elastic      $0.48                                     17 inches Elastic     $0.37

Sub Total $11.02 (2 hours 8 mins)           Sub Total $11.33 (1 hour 15 mins)

Total cost $22.35 or $10.60 less than one of the tutus at Epcot. (3 hours 23 mins or 1 movie and an episode of “House”)

My two little princesses are in love with the tutus and have worn them everyday since getting them a week ago. I love being the, “best mommy ever.”

For more on sewing  For more sewing projects

Pretty little girls

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7 Responses to “Mommy, I need a Princess Tutu Too”

  1. nate says:

    I had missed this when you posted it.. JUST saw it tonight…. SO SO Cute

  2. Becca AKA AmazonaWomona says:

    Wow! I think yours are cuter and will most likely last longer too! I find the Disney stuff is not very well made 😦 and falls apart quickly.

  3. Natalie Gardiner says:

    Yours are cuter than the Epcot ones too! Way to go!

  4. Lin Johnson says:

    Very Cute, Natalie!

    (3 hours 23 mins or 1 movie and an episode of “House”)–love it!

  5. Kersten says:

    Turned out very cute. You are sooo creative. I’ll have to send this post to my sisters for sure.

  6. Andrea says:

    That is so cute. I love the way you made them so long. When you buy tutus they are always to short and the little girl grows out of them so fast. Good job! I had a dream last night I will call and tell you about. It was all about your website 🙂

  7. Vicky says:

    I love this post!!! I can’t wait untill my little girl is old enough to want one.

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