Royal Fashion

The royal wedding gown.

I can not call myself a fashion commentator without saying something about the royal wedding. I was not up at 4:00 AM to watch it live, but I caught the highlights a little later. My girls were very thrilled at the thought of an actual princess marrying her prince. I liked the gown which was of course why most women tuned in.  The smallest tweak would have made it fit for a temple wedding which will give us about four years of designers copying her modest look. 

I like Kate for that reason. She has already proven herself a fashion icon that is not going to bare it all for the world to see. If she continues on this path, we very well may see some more modest styles of every occasion come to light.

Princess Victoria

OK back to the nitty gritty of it all. What did the Guests wear? There were two guests that stood out to me as being particularly well put together.  The first is Sweden’s Crown Princess Victoria. The dress is figure flattering and also seems to suit her personality. She was able to pull off a tasteful sexy look. (which can be hard to do) There was an even flow throughout the whole ensemble.

Sophie Winkleman,

Our second winner was  Lady Frederick Windsor, Sophie Winkleman. The color was amazing on her. She matched everything well and even managed to pull off a hat that was a little unique and still look sophisticated.

Both women look relaxed and comfortable in there choice of dress. A good rule when going to a wedding is keep it simple and classic. No one wants to be accused of trying to out do the bride. Staying away from bright colors and loud prints was a smart choice for both women.


I also should make note of the maid of honor’s dress. Kate’s sister Pippa’s dress was beautiful as well. It was simple and feminine and suited her long figure very well. Throw a veil on her and that gown too could pass as a very pretty bridal gown.

Princess Eugenie of York (L) and Princess Beatrice of York

In that it was an English wedding, we all knew some strange styles were going to come from the event. But, the winners for the strangest “what were you thinking” dresses has to go to Princess Eugenie of York (L) and Princess Beatrice of York. I do not understand the thought process that makes you buy a dress like Princess Eugenie’s and then top it off with the hat. As for Princess Beatrice, though the dress is understated the hat looks like she went shopping in Lady Ga Ga’s closet. I have to hand it to a lot of women at the wedding. It takes a special kind of confidence to be able to go in public in some of those hats. For more on Fashion.

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3 Responses to Royal Fashion

  1. Maureen Fedail says:

    I got up at 2:30 to watch and I thought the entire thing was amazingly beautiful and I even enjoyed all the crazy hats…. (Obviously they wanted attention and they “sho nuff” got it!!!) 🙂

  2. Kersten says:

    As you know I did wake up at 3:20 to watch it. I loved both Kate’s dress and her sister. They both could be used as gorgeous wedding dresses that could be made to be used in the temple.

  3. maggie says:

    Thanks for commenting on the wedding. I thought the whole royal wedding hting was quite romantic 🙂

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